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Our Results From Over 3 Months: Is Worth It?

After we became members of, we first set up our profile and picture. Then, we sent out emails to 250 women, just to be fair to every site.

We had a great response, getting 205 emails back, a response rate of over 80%. Most of the responses we got back were from real girls, with only a very small (under 5%) amount of them being from spammers or scammers. They were also really easy to spot.

Of those 205 girls who emailed us back, we wound up setting up dates with 15 of them. These hot girls were absolutely gorgeous from their profile pictures, and we were thrilled to set up dates with them. Nine actually showed up, and of those nine, we went home with seven of them.

All in all, a very successful foray into Top 3 Messages That Got The Best Responses

Here are some emails that worked well on All three of these emails lead to not just responses, but eventually to dates.

Example 1: “Hi Izzie,

I tried at first to scroll by your picture, but daultfriendfinder about you pulled me in. I admit, I was startled to see that you were in law school on your profile. Most girls I’ve met of your age aren’t nearly so focused. But then again, you don’t seem like most girls…”

Example 2: “Hi Min,

I couldn’t help but notice all the photos of you playing beach volleyball. No wonder you have such a gorgeous body! I’d love to see you in a more traditional outfit, maybe a little black dress…at a hotel bar…”

Example 3: “Hi Sunny,

You daultfriendfinder get hundreds of messages from horny guys that want to score with a gorgeous girl like you. I hope a lot of them have told you what a fantastic taste in music and literature you have, and they’ve told you that you work those heels and dress like a supermodel, and that you have the most beautiful eyes they’ve ever seen.

If not…you know where to find me.”

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