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What Made Awesome! Features We Loved has some great features that make it stand out above and beyond a lot of the competition. First of all, even though it has a membership fee if you want to initiate emails (well worth it, in our opinion), you can always hop on the chat rooms while you’re there. The chat rooms are totally free, and they allow users to connect for free to have fun even off the main site.

There are lots of girls looking to get laid in there, which just gives another leg up on the competition. Most sites have chat rooms, but they’re usually deserted.

How To Get An Edge Over Your Competition On Secret Dating Tactics

Most of the guys on don’t really seem to have their shit together. As we’ve said before, this is one of the most important things about your profile.

Even if a girl is looking to hook up with a stranger, she still has standards she’ll uphold.

Girls are looking to fulfill wild, kinky, crazy fantasies when they come on these sites. They’re not looking to hook up with some loser who obviously lives in his parents’ basement.

If you don’t have your shit together, that’s fine. But it’s important that you look like you do.

Another thing we noticed is that most of the girls have several profile pictures up. By contrast, most of the men only have one, or even none.

While one good profile picture is important, it’s not the whole story. It’s easy to fake one profile picture, with the hundreds of thousands of stock images available on the Internet. Include photos of yourself having fun in active situations (see our guide on how to choose the right profile picture) and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. Things We Didn’t Love About it

There still may be a few hold-outs from the old days on There were several women among those we contacted who, on second glance, hadn’t changed their profiles or pictures for several years.

Another thing we didn’t absolutely love is that sometimes when changing from page to page, loading times on photographs can be a little slow. Nothing that impacted the experience of using the website, however. Review: The Final Verdict On Using For Sex Personals?

adultrfiendfinder may not be our number one choice ( or even number two (, but it ranks a solid, dependable number three. Especially if you’re going to use multiple sites at once, this is a great choice for finding a lot of women quickly, since there are so many people signed up on This is a good, comprehensive site that delivers on promises.

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